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Monday, November 30th 2015, 4:24pm

Dear Players

We were just informed that tomorrow morning (01.12) we'll get a small security update that will add system called reCAPTCHA for registering new account in Kingsage.

Best Regards
Kingsage Team


Wednesday, December 2nd 2015, 10:21am


Today, 2nd of December at 12:00 (noon, German time) our servers will get an update fixing issues with reCaptcha (wrong language displayed and captcha error if the player failed to register).


Tuesday, October 24th 2017, 9:22pm

v3.1.0 (Lobby & Game)

Game version contents:
  • Every village of a deleted player will hastily be relocated randomly.
  • Every village's acceptance will be set to max.
  • Every village will get +5 to +15 random farm levels for defence support.
  • Every village will get 30 barbarian build ticks resulting in 30 randomly set building levels.
  • Every village will get bows/spears as defence units. Therefore the free workers are calculated and random 30 - 70 percent are used as bow units. Remaining free workers will become spear units.
  • This results in nice targets relocated into the beginner's area.

Lobby version contents:
  • Problem with signups and the captcha has been fixed.

release date:
Thursday 02.11.2017 10:00


Tuesday, December 12th 2017, 4:01pm

  • 13.12.2017 at around 10:00
  • Anti botting script has been adjusted to ensure server stability.